Each of the 36 local CFC zones is governed by a Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC). An LFCC is comprised of federal employees and, whenever possible, members of local federal inter-agency organizations, such as Federal Executive Boards, Federal Executive Associations or, in the absence of such organizations, self-organized associations of local federal officials. LFCCs are overseen by OPM and must comply with CFC regulations and guidance memoranda, as well as meet the deadlines in the CFC calendar. LFCCs serve as a board of directors for the campaign zone. LFCCs are responsible for selecting an Outreach Coordinator (OC) to implement the CFC in the local zone and monitoring their work.


Cynthia Wallace, Internal Revenue Service, Chair

Caroline Ashe, Internal Revenue Service

Nique Carrington, Small Business Administration

Pamela Covington, NASA

Katie Course, Jackson FEA

Antonella DiMatteo, US Secret Service

Ty William Goss, Internal Revenue Service

Roy Mosby, NAF Support Service, Fort Polk

Joanne Saberre, Small Business Administration

Theresa Trentacoste, New Orleans FEB

Michael Yoli, Naval Info Warfare Center Atlantic NO

Eric McKisick, Social Security Administration

Jessica Lee, Housing and Urban Development